Sunday, October 7, 2012

Disney, 2012

 I got nothing...  My beautiful wife Sarah and my little man.

 Mada, Zoe and I waited in line for over an hour to see the Princess's while 
Max rested in the "Bob" (stroller).  We finally make and who just shows up and
takes over...  The girls were very understanding.

 That guy with the big ears and red pants is tough to find and even harder 
to get an appointment with but we did it.

Time goes by very fast after you become a parent. Look how big they are 
getting and Mada is growing sooooo fast, she is amazing, Zoe and Max are very
lucky to have such a wonderful BIG sister.  

We were not sure if this guy was a guest or some character so to be safe we just asked to 
grab a photo just in case, we did not want to miss anything or anyone.

 Mada could not resist Goofy's BIG chair.  Strike a pose!!

The petting zoo, Mada was so sad the animals were kept in cages, Max was climbing
into the cages and the Zo...  she was just fine thank goodness, Max was all over the place.

Zoe,Cinderella, Mada & Max
Who knew that we would not mind waiting in line for hours, I guess when you
get the payoff of the smiles on each one of them the time does not matter

We search all day and night for Ariel (The Little Mermaide) Mada's favorite.  
We finally found her very late at night, I actually think they were headed in 
for the night but we STOPPED them!!!!  
From left to right Ariel, Mada & Mulan

 I can't tell but I think Zoe was happy to see Mulan!!!
She literally was jumping into her arms...
The funniest part I don't think Zoe has even seen the movie "Mulan" therefore I don't think she knew who she was but clearly it did not even matter.

In Goofy's house, he had the best furniture. Strike a pose #2...

 Disney is celebrating Hall-o-ween...  They (Disney) really are amazing in that 
the attention to details is incredible.

 "Sword in the Stone"  Mada had a go at it, no luck though but a GREAT effort!!!

The parade was fantastic and the kids were glued to all the characters, they were 
just so captivated with all that Disney offered.  It really was an amazing day!!

Goofy was one of my favorite characters and clearly Max thought he was pretty cool too...