Sunday, January 27, 2013

So this week was short because of the holiday (MLK) celebrated on Monday, kinda nice to be honest.  Friday was Sarah's birthday she turned 36 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!  Holy cow, I think she is catching up to me...  We celebrated with the kids and had strawberry cheese cake...  For whatever reason I though Sarah loved cheese cake only to find out Angel food cake with strawberries is her favorite, now I know!!!!

Mada left Friday morning to fly back to Utah to see her Dad.  She will be gone all weekend including Monday.  She is THRILLED to get both Friday and Monday off!!!

Max and Zoe are just two crazy kids who could not be any happier.  What a great age to be, not a care in the world and the worst thing to happen to them is to have to go to bed.  
We ended up riding bikes to the park.  Max is cruising along very slowly on his Strider balance bike and Zoe is literally flying around on her Razor.  She still has not figured out how to coast/balance on it but she will.

Monday was glorious outside around 80 degrees so we picked up Mada, her best friend Allison and we all headed to the beach.  Zoe and Max now know there way around and seem to be really comfortable at the beach.  While it is 80 degrees outside the water is still very cold but that did not stop the kids.  Mada was out in the water the majority of the time and max literally fell into a wave seconds after arriving.  Zoe was a little more cautious but eventually ended up wet too.  We invited the girls to join us on a walk but they politely decline so we left Mada and Allison alone and we took the kids on down the beach.

Sarah was showing Zoe how to draw in the sand...
                                           Sarah wrote, "I heart (love) Jamie"  and "Jamie + Sarah"

Allison was slowly burying her legs in the sand which quickly turned into burying her WHOLE body.  Very cool idea as everyone took turns...  Weirdly Max want no part of getting buried...  Except he was extremely helpful covering his sisters with the sand................................... maybe he is smarter than all of us!!!

                          Madalynne                                             Allison                                                       Zoe

On Saturday Zoe and I went grocery shopping while Mama relaxed in the tub and Max took a nap.  I took a few pic's of Zoe in one of her favorite outfit!!  It's a shame that she is so shy around the camera!!

Saturday evening we had friends (Jim & Dorine) over for dinner.  Our menu consisted of salmon, green bean salad with blue cheese, brown rice and sauteed mushrooms.  Sarah was the head Chef and I assisted, everything was AMAZING!!

Sunday 9:17am:  
This is what I'm thinking...  It's raining and cool outside but I think we should grab umbrella's and go take a long walk on the beach.  It will be good to get out of the house and I love these types of days maybe the kids will enjoy them as well?!?!?!!?  Also if the wind is blowing we can bust out the kites, it will be PERFECT!!!  This is my plan in my head.........

Sunday 11:30am:
We are back from the beach and it did not go as I envisioned it.  As expected the beach was empty, and for me it's a gorgeous day with waves 6-7 feet high, wind howling perfect for kites.  We found a large round hole which was perfect to lay blankets in and protect us a little from the elements.  However Zoe did not want to fly kites and Max was too cold to do anything.  We tried to take a walk but it just was not working out so we decided to gather our things and head home to watch Disney's "Rescuer's Down Under" before heading to church.

As usual we miss and love you all very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Saturday later in the afternoon and after a strong attempt at naps and huge failures we just load up everyone and head to the beach but this time Mama is with us, YES!!!!!  It is gorgeous outside around 75 degrees as we place our feet into the chili sand.  Once again the beach is practically empty and the kids are loving the freedom to run around & play.  It has become a weekend tradition to head to the beach...

So here is a quick rundown of whats happening with us.  Mada auditioned for honor's choir, we are still waiting to hear, Sarah is working hard and it looks like the night classes are OVER!!!  We are loving watching Biggest Loser and American Idol.  Max is still in training and sadly we had to by more diapers today.  Zoe is in Sun Beams and I work harder than anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am thinking maybe we come back on Sunday and have a picnic.  Hopefully there will be some wind, oddly today there was no wind at all so no kite flying.  Instead we took a long walk down the beach.  Zoe took off as usual and I had to chase after her.  She thinks it is sooooooooooooo funny to run away and truthfully I think it's pretty darn cute and actually it's fun to chase her down.  The hard part is........... she's freakin' FAST!!!!

Ok that's it for now we love and miss everyone very MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Another day at the beach...

Our Saturday started out at 5am the kids for some crazy reason are up.  Sarah has pulled an all nighter in preparation for the new launches so she thankfully took care of the kids while I kinda slept but not really, more like I stood my ground and refused to get up.  However by 7am I was in full swing making pancakes and then baths for everyone.  Ms Madalynne wakes up around 1030am and I make the executive decision to get out of the house and head to the beach again. These kids have far too much energy and we need to be outside.  I suggested Mada invite a friend this time and she did our neighbor Sophie who is wonderful.

We make it to the beach and it is glorious out!!!!!!!!!  It's my favorite time of year at the beach, no one is there except a handful of people and of coarse surfers, it's like our own private beach.  It's about 58 degrees so jeans and sweatshirts are necessary.  We brought kites, blankets, pales, shovels and snacks.

Big sister Mada and Maximo, soooooooooooooooooo cute!!

Mada, Sophie & Zoe down by the water, it's just picture perfect outside and then to be taking picture of your kids, it could not be better!!!!

All four kids playing in the sand, up and down, up and down...

We took a long walk down the beach.  Zoe wanted to go as far as we could, I told her that if we did we may never make it home again....... She seemed cool with it, although her focus was on the beach and sand and not the words coming from my mouth.

You would think I would know better and bring an extra set of clothes for Zoe and Max but nooooooooooooo..................  It didn't even occur to me and so yes they got wet and were covered in sand.  The temperature being 58 degrees meant we had to head home they were freezing, sorry I totally forgot to take pic of them.

Another AMAZING day!!!

We love you all and miss you terribly!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kite flying at the beach...

The wind was pretty good so not a whole lot of effort, just hang onto the string please.

Saturday morning and Sarah is off for RPM training, Mada is fast asleep, Zoe & Max have been up since the crack of dawn which means I am up as well because Max now goes into the refrigerator and helps himself.  

The plan for the day is:
     -Straighten up the house
           This is a challenge because as I clean one area Zoe and Max trash another.
           Easy I leave all the kids in the car (Mada in charge) as I run into the bank.
           Even easier, I can keep my eye on them all while doing this...
     -Toy Store  (purchase kites)
           This is the toughest one how do I keep them ALL together in their version of "heaven"???  
           The answer cart!!!
           Piece of cake.....................

**Side note:     Did you know there is a "kite" season?  Apparently Spring and Summer is "kite" season here in California.  I thought this to be strange since the temperature doesn't fall below 60 degrees, weird!!

I wake up Mada to give her ample time to get ready for the beach but to my surprise she chooses not to come along.  She has entered the age of baby sitting (earning money) & staying home by herself and also the age where hanging with your parents isn't that cool!!  Now I'm at a cross road here I want her to come what do I do?????????  I decide to remove the option, I realize my mistake was asking the question "would you like to go to the beach?" what I should have said was "we are going to the beach!!!"  She is now being FORCED to come along...  Now I am in heaven because I have all three kids with me!!!

It turns out to be a sensational day at the beach.  Blue skies, sunshine and about 60 degrees, we have kites, juice boxes and we stopped for In & Out for lunch so our bellies are filled.  All three kids have there own kites (angry birds) and I am now receiving compliments from other beach goers on how cute the kids are as we fly our kites high into the air, walk the beautiful beach with waves crashing at our feet (water is chilli) in our rolled up jeans.

Mada, growing up sooooo fast and is turning out to be just like Mama.  In fact they started to share clothes and shoes...................... oye!!!

Zoe flying her kite, I can't believe she will be 4 in April (4 months away)!!!

Max...   My little man!!  Although if he lets go of the string attached to the kite one more time, which means I needed to sprint down the beach after it.... He might ended up in the ocean!!!

We love you and miss you all very much!!!!