Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kelley's Last Day...

This week went by fast and I am not complaining...

I hope all is good on the East coast with the blizzard and all!?!?!?!?  We had it pretty rough around here.  It did rain for the entire day on Thursday and temperatures dipped to 60 degrees.  The sun did come out on Saturday thank goodness.

Sarah seems to have hurt her back.  My women of steel is actually human so I have taken over while she rest in bed, the worst part is the awful smell of Icy Hot or Bengay.  You'd think with all the technology they could create a better fragrance for that stuff...

I have been running around all day.  Mada had chior practice this morning (Saturday) so she and I went over there and we walked in together.  Neither of us had a clue what was going on so we walk into the area where they were rehearsing.  We were asking questions then were quickly reprimanded and asked to leave the area if we were going to talk I am so out of my element!!  Apparently the woman running the show is the producer of the Grammy's, that's right "The Grammy's' and she is taking this show very seriously!!  Mada finally felt comfortable and abandoned me...  I am figuring out the subtle hints, glued to my side when unsure and nervous, GONE!!!  when she knows someone and has a touch more confidence.

I dropped off Kelley late this morning after a wonderful visit.  We celebrated her Birthday on Friday evening with a red velvet, cream cheese frosting cake and an apple pie, sugar overload!!!!!!!!!  Kelley refused to take any of it with her back to Connecticut.

During the Birthday celebrations I had the opportunity to interview Max & Zoe while Mama & Mada were at rehearsal...

We finally got home after dropping Kelley off and I was able to straighten up the house a bit then I grabbed the kids and a soccer ball and hit the park.  Both Zoe and Max are really getting the hang of kicking.  Zoe is incredibly FAST and she is able to kick the ball and sprint at the same time,  She is a natural athlete, my little Mia Hamm!!!  Max is hysterical 20 min after we get to park he wants to come home, NO WAY he's going to have to suffer and play outside!!!

Here are just a few pic's...

Ok that's it from California!!!

We love you and miss you all very much!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

4 Years!!!!!!!!

Another great but busy week for us all.  I picked up Mada from the airport on Monday after her visit to see her Dad in Utah.  Mada was accepted into Honor’s choir and she started practicing this past Wednesday.   Both Mama and Mada were accepted into the Stake (church) musical/show. I am not too sure what exactly it is, but the two of them are excited to be involved.  Practice is on Friday nights and Saturday mornings.

Mama started teaching at a new gym.  The owners are from “The Real Housewives of Orange County”. It holds real promise and Sarah is really excited at the possibilities! They pay so much better than other facilities, but they are brand new and that’s a bit tenuous. Ideally, she’d teach ½ as much for quadruple the pay.

Zoe is such a gorgeous little girl…  Her day starts by waking up very early (5am-6am) she will head downstairs and plays for a really short time, finally making her way up stairs to wake both Sarah and I because she is hungry.

Max on the other hand takes things into his own hands; such a little boy and so smart…  I came downstairs early in the morning, after Zoe awakened us, to find him standing at the refrigerator with the door wide open eating carrots.  The good news he was eating something healthy, the bad is we have no idea how long the door to the refrigerator was open.  We need to show him how to grab a little, share with Zoe, and shut the door!

Jamie is always perfect (Sarah is typing this part for me)  He is still taking a break from Basketball so his calves can heal. I am constantly after him for not stretching and not ‘rolling’ his calves or getting a massage.

Kelley arrived on Friday, we are thrilled to have her here with us.  We all went to the beach, I know it’s shocking to see we are at the beach………………………….again but it’s true!!!!  Here are some picture.

I know Kelley is making faces at Max but isn't it more fun to pretend we don't know what she is doing...   Kelley will be returning on Wednesday and we can’t wait to see her!!!

Lastly Sarah and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary and I am happy to say I am more in love with her today than the day we married.  These four years have been nothing short of extraordinary filled with everything including the kitchen sink. 

We went to dinner at a restaurant called “Asada” in Laguna Beach, thank you Kiki & Grandpa Spike.  It’s a higher end Mexican style restaurant and we had a ball, after all look who I’m with!!!!

So I run into Best Buy to see if I figure out how to get local television channels via antenna or something so I/we can watch local tv or more importantly the Super Bowl or any sporting events at all.  Sadly Netflix and Hulu don’t carry playoff games or sporting events and I have been deprived.  So I walk into Best Buy and immediately start talking to this women explaining why I am there and what I need.  She politely brings me to the area explains the difference between antenna’s show’s me a couple options then say why don’t you just get Direct TV.  I say to her "NO WAY, i DON'T WANT TO PAY FOR SATELLITE TV RIGHT NOW.".  She is looking at me kinda funny and then I notice her shirt has the Direct TV logo on it!!!  It turns out she doesn't even work at or for Best Buy she was just being nice to me and figured at some point I would snap out of my tunnel vision and see she was a guest/customer just like me.  We laughed and I thank her for all her help…

That's it and as always, We love you and Miss you all very much!!!!!!!