Friday, June 28, 2013

Oh boy it's been a while...

I think my last post was back in March so I will give an abbreviated version of the events...

Easter came and went and the Easter Bunny did not disappoint.  Zoe found hers first and was eager to share so she woke Max up and the two of them ended up down stairs with their baskets.  Thank goodness everything is wrapped well, this forced the kids to come upstairs to Sarah and I to help open everything.

Sarah was helping Zoe unwrap the solid chocolate Easter Bunny when I discovered she actually prefers the hollow chocolate rabbits.  I was STUNNED!!!  Who in the world likes the hollow kind, I always felt cheated, I loved gnawing on that huge, solid bar of goodness but of coarse Sarah preferred the hollow kind, so weird!!

Question:   Solid or hollow chocolate rabbits on Easter?

Then I learned that Sarah charges an opening fee...  I guess the idea is whatever she opens for the kids she gets to take a little for herself she referred to this as "snitching"!!  I discovered this idea as she was opening the SOLID chocolate rabbit for Zoe... She went on and said that the kids were cool with it, so of coarse I had to ask Zoe if this was true... Her response, "NO NOT REALLY!!!"

We decided to drive down to San Diego on Easter.  The reason for our drive is we need book shelves BUT we want them to be rustic so reclaimed wood is what we are looking for and we found this guy in San Diego who has this gorgeous reclaimed wood that was brought in from the Pacific Ocean.  The color's are magnificant aqua blues, rust orange and grey's exactly what we are looking for.  Now we just need to find the right brackets to hold the shelves up.

Mada got a new skate board and is riding it all the time and is getting so good at it.   I was worried because she, like her Mama have a tendency to walk into large objects, things normal people tend to avoid like kitchen islands or parked cars. You can see why I might be concerned but not to worry she is doing GREAT!!!

Zoe's 4th Birthday has come and gone and it was tremendous.  According to Zoe "it was the best Birthday EVER"

The day started with her waking to a big sign saying Happy Birthday and balloons followed by a big breakfast of pancakes.  Mama and I high fived the switch and off to work I went.  Mada made a birthday cake and card for Zoe and later that day Mama (Sarah) took Zoe to build a bear where Zoe built my little pony (Rainbow Dash)  She carry's it everywhere she goes and such a great idea to help celebrate her birthday, good job Sarah!!!  I left work early to get home to help celebrate and open presents.  Max and Mada could not have been better or sweeter on a day that was all about Zoe!!  We all ate cake, ice cream and choc sauce for dinner and dessert followed by popcorn...............................yup I got sick to my stomach!!!!

 We are just so lucky to have such an amazing family and blessed to have so much and seemingly the opportunity to work hard and do more for ourselves to better our already amazing lives.

The challenge is to recognize just how blessed we are and appreciate what we have...

We introduce the kids to hiking...  We took Max and Zoe hiking for the first time.  Zoe of coarse lead the pack and Max made sure we did not move too fast by bringing up the rear.  They LOVED it!!!  I mean LOVED IT!!!  That's all they have been talking about since waking up the next morning, when can we go hiking again.  I am blown away by their excitement and because of their enthusiasm I can't wait to go again!!! 

Kiki and Kelley came to town on Memorial weekend and it was spectacular!!!  The kids were all super excited to see them and as usual they did not disappoint.  We did it all, swimming in pools and water parks to The San Diego Zoo to Faris Wheels and shopping until the kids gave out.  Wine and food every where and we finished the weekend by celebrating my 44th Birthday ( I am getting old).  I love it when my family come to visit because it a vacation for us too!!!!

I thought this was a cool picture of Max...
I know I am missing soooooo much so here are the last bits that I can remember.
     -Mada and Mama both were involved in a musical.
     -I am teaching Zoe & Max how to swim!!!
     -Mada went away to science camp with the entire 5th grade for 3-4 days.
     -Mada is in Utah for the Summer with her Dad and other family.
     -We are going to Big Bear Mountain for a couple days with some friends.
     -Sarah started another "No Excuses" weight loss session, 12 weeks everyday 6am, right up
       her alley!!


As always we love and miss everyone!!!