Monday, October 21, 2013


It's been some time since my last post and even I was surprised to see just how long its been!!!

First day of middle school (6th grade) for Mada!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe how big and grown up she is now...  I remember Kathryn saying to me "it goes by fast" and you are so right!!!!!!!!

Mada also turned 12 years old in October and has graduated from Primary (4-12 years old) into Young Womens.  This past Sunday (October 20th) her teachers & new friends from Beehive came over early Sunday morning (Mada had no idea) snuck up to here room (12-14 people) and kidnapped her for breakfast, a super cool tradition for all new Beehiver's.

Max turned 3 years old in July and he is so proud to finally be three!!!!

FYI,  the cut on Max's cheek came from another child in day care.  I weird accident that caught Max in the right spot or wrong spot depending on how you want to think of it!!!  

We always find time to hit the beach!!!  

What's amazing to me is how fast the Summer went by.  Before I knew it we were celebrating Labor Day...  I could not and still don't believe how fast this year has gone by!!!  We are heading into the holiday season ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So this past Saturday Sarah comes home and say's "ok let's go" of coarse I am like "go where" Sarah says "to the Hall-O-Ween party"  I say "isn't that next week"  Sarah says "no it's tonight".

We scramble and throw costumes together, I am a "Lion in a Suit"  and Sarah is a "Zombie" type of creature, thing but she looks great!!!  We hustle out the door drive all the way over there and of coarse the party is NEXT WEEK!!!!!

More Hall-O-Ween pic's to come!!!

We Love you and miss you all.