Saturday, March 29, 2014

Soccer's just a kick in the grass...

So Max and Zoe started soccer lessons!!!  There is an age limit (4 years old) but I think Max (3) can hold his own and so far so good.  We need to work on the pouting and sitting down in the middle of the field when the ball is taken away but outside of that Max is doing terrific.  He is getting exposed to pushing and shoving, accidental bumping of heads, kids hitting each other and just plain rough housing.  I will admit I am getting used to it too... On more than one occasion I wanted to go out there and beat someone up!!!  I however kept my composure, no 4 year old was hurt on this Saturday!!

Max is super focused and he pays attention and is really ready to learn the game.  Although when it come to scoring all the rules go out the window and he will literally pick up the ball carry it to the front of the goal put it down and then quickly kick it in. 

Zoe is fantastic!!!  Super fast, determined and anxious to learn although she kinda listens to her coach.   She is definitely crazy and having a BLAST out there.  This past weekend she scored 4 goals, 3 in the opponents 1 in her own, we are still working on which goal to score in and which to defend.

It's a great way to start our Saturdays!!!!