Sunday, June 22, 2014


Our day began with pancakes in the morning and all the kids glued to the video game "Toy Story 3"
I can't believe we need to wrestle the kids away from the game.  They literally decline to go play outside and have even passed on swimming!!!  Max and Zoe both on different occasions have been caught down stairs in the middle of the night playing or have simply passed out from playing sleeping with controllers in their hands.

After pancakes we made our way to the pool and swam all morning then headed home for lunch.

After lunch we headed to the movies to see "How to Train your Dragon 2"  OUTSTANDING!!!  Everyone will love this film.  Sarah and Mada were caught crying during the sad parts but Max and I hung tough!!

From there we went home quick packed up things grabbed a pizza and headed for a Ward beach party in Laguna Beach!!!

After about two hour of searching and no luck finding the party we decided to plant ourselves on the beach and party ourselves.  It was wonderful, the beach had started to cool off and it was over caste but so beautiful...  We are so lucky to live in such a gorgeous place!!!

We were playing frisbee for a little while till Max decided it would be fun to bury the frisbee in the sand when no one was watching... We have NO frisbee any longer!!!

It was an AMAZING day!!!

Sunday morning was busy because Mada was singing a solo at church.  Sarah and Mada left early so Mada could sing with the pianist and practice.  Max, Zoe and myself followed to to far behind.  We sat front row and I did my best to record her performance.  The shakes are from Max bumping me!!!

The video does not do the performance justice I'm sorry.  Sarah was beaming and I could not be more proud!!!

That's it for now we love and miss you all!!!!